Voted up, etc. Happy from Toronto, Canada on December 19, 2012: "Dragonflies are harmless (unless you’re a mosquito)" - That is pretty funny and that is precisely one of the main reasons I like to have dragonflies around. The whole idea of the serpent itself is that it reflects something that is re-creating itself. They lack the clarity of vision that humans and other animals have; however, they can see ultraviolet and polarized light, allowing them to navigate more easily. The myths related to dragonflies are most interesting as well. Glad you enjoyed the hub! And to find that they eat all those pesky insects is a bonus to having them around. Say unto him, Take heed, and be quiet; fear not, neither let thy heart soften, because of the two tails of these smoking fire-brands, on account of the wrath of Rezin and Syria, and the son of Remaliah (Isa. ...seen from Christianity, History, Science and Philosophy. S'y mêlent toutefois de nombreux éléments fantastiques. :D. prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on June 13, 2012: I love dragonfly. 2. Dans bien des mythes, le héros ne meurt pas En revanche, il lui faut The term derives from Ancient Greek οὐροβόρος, from οὐρά oura 'tail' plus -βορός -boros '-eating'. Thank you. Dragonflies are beautiful creatures and fascinating is a great word to describe them. Like a typical insect, dragonflies have six legs, but cannot walk. Dragonflies can also be omens. contraires restent latents jusqu'à ce que la conscience agisse, secouée par un choc. That the dragon is the serpent, which seduces by reasonings from falsities, and which seduced the mother of the living, or Eve, in paradise, by means of the tree of knowledge, that is, by means of memory-knowledges from the sensuous, thus from fallacies, is clear also in John:--. Cette symbolique trouve naturellement sa place dans une saga où les thématiques chrétiennes – recherche du Paradis terreste et espérance du salut, combat contre les päiens et conversion – tiennent une place prépondérante. D’autres dragons sont également présents dans la légende chinoise sur les dragons, notamment le dragon terrestre, le dragon gardien des trésors, le dragon jaune, etc. In the story, the snake convinces Eve to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which she then convinces Adam to do as well. 9:10); where tails like unto scorpions, and stings in the tails, denote cunning reasonings from falsities, by which they persuade, and thus do harm, wherefore it is said that their power is to do harm to men. I never saw so many. Aroused snake by the entrance to a Yezidee-temple. Jung. Their wings are strong enough to allow dragonflies to hover even in the strongest of headwinds. This is quite amazing. Some of their favorite meals include: Dragonflies are carnivorous from the time they hatch, and the nymphs have voracious appetites just like the adults. 28:43, 43, 44); where the sense is similar. For the interiors of man together with his sensuous things are lifted upward by the Lord when the man is in the good of faith and of charity; but if he is in evil and falsity, then his interiors together with his sensuous things look downward, thus only to the things that are in the world, whereby he puts off the human nature, and puts on the bestial; for wild beasts look downward, or only to those things which are on the earth. However, the idea of a snake/serpent eating its own tails can be referred to as far back as Ancient Egypt. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 19, 2012: Enjoyed this hub. Mais il est aussi question du « iaculus volant » dans la Pharsale de Lucain, une œuvre très tôt connue en Islande, puisque sa traduction constitue, avec celles de la Conjuration de Catilina et de la Guerre de Jugurtha de Salluste, la Rómverja saga (« Saga des Romains »), composée à la fin du XIIe siècle, peut-être au monastère de Þingeyrar, celui d'Oddr Snorrason. Carl Jung interpreted the Ouroboros as having an archetypal significance. Dragonflies once served as a sign for fishermen. I love dragonflies, this hub was actually inspired by the picture I took with my cellphone. Parmi ceux-ci, on note le dragon du céleste (Tian-long), protecteur des cieux et des demeures divines. Par sa double nature, le dragon est en même temps poison et Le dragon chinois traditionnel (ou Long), associé au chiffre 9, fait partie intégrante des mythes du pays et est associé à l’origine à des dynasties.C’est ainsi qu’il incarne donc la bienveillance, la puissance, capable de contrôler les phénomènes météorologiques.La légende chinoise du dragon et ses origines ont une grande place dans la culture chinoise, au point où cette créature est représentée dans l’astrologie, les festivals, les arts, etc. Not all cultures thought of them in negative terms, however. Sometimes the faintheartedness of the hero is balanced by the appearance of guardians or helpful animals that enable the hero to perform the superhuman task that cannot be accomplished unaided. Quaternio series: Moses – Shadow – Paradise – Lapis Quaternio, In the Quaternio series; Man culminates in the of a good God, but rests below on a dark and evil principle (Devil or serpent). Blue is my favorite color lol. I'll have to go read your hub on the jackal! These helpful forces are representatives of the psychic totality that supports the ego in its struggle. The tail of the dragon drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them into the earth (Rev. Dragonflies are harmless insects and have inspired numerous myths (albeit negative ones) and nicknames with their elusiveness, beautiful shimmering wings, and erratic flight patterns. Very well written and very beautiful hub. They are gorgeous and their colors are so brilliant. That a serpent denotes the sensuous may be seen above (AC 6949), thus its tail is the ultimate or lowest of the sensuous. An immature male Eastern Pondhawk (Erythemis simplicicollis) transitioning from green to blue. Your hub also reminded me of the movie Dragonfly which I found fascinating. © 2018 Fafnir – L'encyclopédie de la Scandinavie médiévale. I had a blue one land on me a while back and I really wish I could remember what happened shortly thereafter. Son pouvoir réside dans une perle qui est synonyme de bonheur et de sagesse. Il s'agit ici de l'or The dragonfly would go to the water and dip the tip of its abdomen in the water then raise its abdomen until a drop of water would run the length of its body to its mouth. 1994  1995  How could a dragonfly that could not have lived since the first time I saw it still be coming to that same spot? Symbole de régence, il est à l’origine des dynasties et tous les empereurs chinois ont régné sous le signe du dragon. The costa is a long vein that actually comprises the leading edge of the wing. Meanwhile I was thinking about the universe giving me a sign about a few uncertainties. Dragonflies are fascinating creatures. Melissa Flagg COA OSC (author) from Rural Central Florida on June 05, 2012: @phoenix The dragonflies have just started coming out in full force here in Florida, and my daughter was asking how they got their name (she unknowingly inspired this hub). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I felt very privileged, as I love dragonflies! They have the ability to expel water from an anal opening, which acts like jet propulsion. The ouroboros or uroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. I love how you explain the parts of the dragonflies. Les origines du dragon chinois traditionnel remontent à des millénaires et l’âge du plus ancien vestige représentant un dragon a été estimé à 3 700 ans. Native Americans believe the insect was actually once a dragon who was tricked into shape-shifting to the form of a dragonfly by a coyote. The end was explosive! Male Golden Winged Skimmer (Libellula auripennis). JR Krishna from India on December 19, 2012: In our part of India there are many phrases and songs related to dragonfly. 1990  1991  If you want to sneak up on a dragonfly to get a closer look, or take a picture, approach it slowly from below or behind. Jung Speaking or youtube) he talked about a  28-year-old woman who told Jung that “she had a black serpent in her belly.”  The woman was “only intuitive, entirely without a sense of reality.” Then she announced that the snake, which had been dormant, had suddenly become active. L'Yngvars saga víðförla (« Saga d'Yngvarr le grand voyageur »1) a pu être composée en latin en Islande à la fin du XIIe siècle, par le moine de Þingeyrar Oddr Snorrason2. L'Yngvars saga víðförla (« Saga d'Yngvarr le grand voyageur » 1) a pu être composée en latin en Islande à la fin du XII e siècle, par le moine de Þingeyrar Oddr Snorrason 2. 1 week later that same blue dragonfly, had turned brown, and attached itself to our kitchen screen window outside. la libido du fils, - ce trésor donneur de vie. It is a representation of constant recreation of oneself and the cycle of life which, like the phoenix, renews even as it ends. There are three ocelli, one located on each side of the vertex and one in front of the vertex. The image, according to Dr. Jolande Jacobi, “shows a sinful world of creation, surrounded by the Serpent of Eternity, the Ouroboros, and characterized by the four elements and the sins corresponding to them; the whole circle relates to the center, the weeping eye of God, i.e., the point where salvation, symbolized by the dove of the Holy Ghost, may be achieved by compassion and love.”. Lors d'une ordalie par le feu, l'évêque missionnaire Friðrekr triomphe de deux berserkir, brûlés par le feu consacré. No animal equals them in the rapidity and skill which they evince in escaping danger. Jakúlus est un dragon ailé figurant dans l'Yngvars saga víðförla. A self depicting serpent or dragon eating its own tail (Ouroboros) is an ancient symbol which is often associated with Gnosticism, and Hermeticism. Crazy Wisdom - the Archetype of the Fool, the Clown, the Jester and the Trickster. Juin  Juillet  Septembre  Thanks for sharing this information. I always enjoy reading your hubs because you pick such great topics. Dragon (héraldique). Despite having accumulated 500 years of merit, her ability to remain in human guise is restricted by her delight in her own snakey sensuousness. Le iaculus apparaît une dernière fois, bien plus tardivement dans le manuscrit AM 194 8vo, compilation encyclopédique rédigée en Islande en 1387, et puisant notamment aux Étymologies d'Isidore de Séville. In alchemical symbolism dragons are associated with fire and the primal chaotic material. I am completing a hub on dragonflies - from my own experience and symbolism - and I'll be sure to link to yours. Much of dragon lore tells us that dragons were loathsome beasts and evil enemies to humankind. Dragonflies are beautiful insects that have been around for over 300 million years, although the earliest dragonflies were massive compared to the ones we enjoy today. Dragonflies can eat just about anything they can catch. Take care :-). Nous voici devant le dragon ailé, la lune et les quatre fleurs. As it flew by, I started to call out to it using Delaine's name as just an odd thing to do. – L'encyclopédie de la Scandinavie médiévale. 5“For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”. Sandra Busby from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA on June 11, 2012: I think I might like to be a dragonfly in one of my lives. © 2019 boutique chakra Tous droits réservés, Les 7 Chakras - Guide - Signification, Couleur & Nom. Lily pads are the perfect habitat for the development of the dragonfly during the aquatic nymph stage. My husband and I been watching a dragonfly in our back yard. A good Native friend of mine calls them his air-assault units lol They do great for keeping the mosquitoes away and for one who spends time in the bush, they are truly appreciated sometimes. 455.]. Le chapitre consacré aux serpents dans le manuscrit islandais AM 194 8vo (1387), édité par Kristian Kålund (1908).L'auteur de l'Yngvars saga s'est inspiré de la littérature encyclopédique de son temps8, et plus particulièrement des Étymologies d'Isidore de Séville (vers 560-636), vaste compilation du savoir antique. I convinced a red dragonfly to land on my hand yesterday. Queen, Mother, Wise Woman and Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Feminine. Le dragon est donc devenu une mascotte symbole de la ténacité et de l’avant-gardisme. They do land on me more often than not - I like them though; some of them have spectacular colours (like the one in your photo). I also didn't realize they can eat so much - wow! Dragonflies will often culminate around the water in which they were born. So what is an ouroboros? I'm still a bit spooked by all the dragonflies, but they are so beautiful. Consumption of the opposite. dragon dès l’AF (Brault, il est crêté ordinairement) ; dragonné depuis ORL (av. Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. Il arriva à un lieu où le sol s'élevait devant lui, il était de couleur dorée, et il vit que la cause en était qu'il était tout recouvert de dragons (« ormar »). I remember one day I was walking out of the front porch and two dragonflies dive bombed these bees that were trying to get to me, and I'm deathly allergic to bees. Deborah Demander Reno from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on March 02, 2017: Great article. (+) L'or vulgaire est le métal. “In India,” Jung says, “the serpent is at the basis of a whole philosophical system, of Tantrism; it is Kundalini, the Kundalini serpent” (1977: 322). “Well now, that is a collective symbol,” he says. Female Halloween Pennant Dragonfly (Celithemis eponina). Année 1988 If you summon the power of the Dragon, the dragon will give you the wisdom to be a success in whatever you choose to pursue. 9:19); where in like manner tails like serpents denote reasonings from falsities, by which harm is done and especially because it is said that such were the tails of the horses, and that they had heads; for by horses is signified the intellectual, and also by head. If you compared their eating habits to the rest of us, they'd definitely be labeled pigs!! Since the time of his death dragonflies have been seen at both our homes at a seemingly higher rate that we both remember. Melissa Flagg COA OSC (author) from Rural Central Florida on December 26, 2012: @Paradise7 That stat is pretty hard to wrap my head around. D'ailleurs, dans l'antiquité, cette créature figurait sur de nombre bannières ainsi que sur les proues des navires vikings. Rien qu'en étudiant la complexité et la signification profonde de chacun et en regardant ces symboles, nous nous sentons connectés et vivants. on the dragonfly animal itself. On trouve aussi le dragon spirituel, ailé aux écailles d’azur, symbole impérial et des éléments météorologiques. I had no idea that they have been around for so long. I wish we could have a pet dragonfly indoors for the mosquitoes that get in when we open the doors! Ils font aussi partie des quatre animaux célestes avec le Tigre et la Tortue. My desire to travel and my professional life have given me the opportunity to experience many different cultures. They are so large that they can even capture and kill a hummingbird. Elle est comme le héros primitif  qui se fait dévorer. I don't usually like to get within 10 ft of an insect so I never really appreciated just how cool a dragonfly can look up close. This Ouroboros symbol was first created in 1682. Avec le temps, la légende du dragon a acquis une place particulière dans la culture chinoise au point où il est représenté dans les conférences, l’astrologie et dans les festivals avec le dragon chinois carnaval (danse du dragon et bateau dragon). The Ouroboros, the snake forever swallowing its own tail, is a famous alchemical symbol of transformation. Elle comprend un chapitre consacré aux différentes variétés de serpents, dans lequel il est indiqué qu'« un serpent s'appelle iaculus, il traverse un homme en volant tel une flèche tirée très fort »10. Dr. Jolande Jacobi signifies in her chapter “The Dream of the Bad Animal” the serpent initial material, in need of transformation, the chthonic, moist element of water, female, standing for unconscious  symbol for many things depending on the context, also wisdom. Be wise as serpents … – Serpents have always been an emblem of wisdom and cunning: Genesis 3:1. And they are just so beautiful! C'est bien la victoire sur le mal et la paganisme qui est mise en scène. Some credit the Chinese as the inventors of dragon. on June 04, 2012: I have always loved dragonflies and maidenflies. synonyme l'or "qui n'est pas celui du vulgaire"(+). I saw tons of dragonflies flying all around my front of house. Yesterday a Dragon fly tackled a horse fly that was attacking me and they went spinning to the ground . This mortifying descent into the abyss, the sea, the dark cave, or the underworld in order to be reborn to a new identity expresses the symbolism of the night-sea journey through the uterine belly of the monster. Their compound eyes are comprised of 30,000 ommatidia, which are essentially tiny little eyes with their own cornea, lens, and retina. Cette légende est une allégorie symbolisant la persévérance. Fossil remains have been found in Kansas of a large dragonfly with a wingspread of 2.5 ft from the Permian Period. @mythbuster thank you! It is almost impossible for the prey to escape. Ils virent que les dragons (« ormar ») dormaient et étraient très nombreux. The point of greatest tension between the opposites…(is)…the double significance of the serpent, which occupies the center of the system. pattes - et le principe aérien - ses ailes. It's also the strongest part of the wing, and it aids the dragonfly in cutting through the air during flight. In Moses:--. I have to admit, dragonflys scare the living daylights out of me. quatre fleurs. If I don't pass by again: Happy Celebrations and all the very best in 2013!! Back to Words index, Back to Animal words index. philosophique. Thank you for this. 1996  1997, © 1998 - There is an enigmatic seduction scene in there. étoile du soleil, donc en relation étroite avec l'or : la conscience. Isidore tenait sans doute ces éléments de l'Histoire naturelle de Pline l'Ancien (Ier siècle ap. I definitely needed to read this today, I was sitting on a bench today and all upset and a dragon fly landed on my hand and just sat there for like 3 minutes. I have also written about dragonflies and will link this hub to mine. I had fun writing this one, and I was dumbfounded myself when I say the cell phone pics come back so clear and detailed. I use the symbol of the dragonfly along with some personal items of my close friends son, Delaine who died, as part of a memorial under my back porch. Nous voici devant le dragon ailé, la lune et les His mouth started moving as if he was talking to us. The origins of dragon lore are a matter of some debate. Everywhere the symbol of the serpent and dragon is connected with the (d)evil. his Quaternio Series Diagrams in his book “Aion”. I was standing on my porch while smoking a cigg, a dragon fly suddenly landed on my forearm it stayed there and just looked at me with its large fly like eyes kept around me it wasn’t scared. Le dragon chinois représente aussi la force, la suprématie, le feu. Cependant, la demi-lune proche du sol est aussi un motif traditionnel : elle indique l'emplacement d'un trésor caché7. Feelings of revulsion indicate sexual dissatisfaction. Plusieurs dragons apparaissent dans l'Yngvars saga4, qui remplissent, tels Fáfnir, la fonction traditionnelle de gardiens de trésors. The problem I had was choosing them, I wanted to add all the ones I found!! “That is not an individual fantasy, it is a collective fantasy.” The image of the snake in the abdomen, Jung says, “is well known in India.” Although the woman “had nothing to do with India” and although the image “is entirely unknown to us,” he says that “we have it too, for we are all similarly human.” When the woman first told Jung about the snake in her belly, he wondered whether “perhaps she was crazy,” but then he realized that “she was only highly intuitive.” She had intuited a typical, or archetypal, image. Melissa Flagg COA OSC (author) from Rural Central Florida on September 06, 2012: @Jlava73, thank you!! 12:4); where the tail of the dragon in like manner denotes reasonings from falsities; the stars of heaven, the knowledges of good and truth; to cast them to the earth denotes to destroy them. Le chapitre consacré aux serpents dans le manuscrit islandais AM 194 8vo (1387), édité par Kristian Kålund (1908). This dragon fight and liberation of the captive is the archetypal pattern that can guide us through those major transitional passages in our personal development where a rebirth or reorientation of consciousness is indicated. The pterostigma is found on the leading edge of each wing and acts like a weight which helps stabilize the wing during flight. Hence by tails are here signified more cunning reasonings from fallacies and the derivative falsities against truths, which reasonings are lowest, for the more cunning any reasonings are against truths, the lower they are. I always wondered how they got their name. This is because of their life cycle, but also because both male and female dragonflies change colors as they age. Mars  Avril  Mai  1342). @thumbi7 Thank you, I'd be very interested in learning about dragonflies in India, it would make a great hub if you were so inclined :D. @Peggy W, why thank you for the link! The dragon is a fabulous and universal symbolic figure found in most cultures thought the world. est l'image. They so pretty and they look like mini helicopters flying here, there and everywhere. Dragonfly Symbolism. Jennifer Vasconcelos from Cyberspace and My Own World on September 06, 2012: I remember as a child some of my friends telling me these creatures sewed your lips together. Année 1997, Une et multiple, la femme selon C.G. ;). Et quand Sveinn vit cela, ils louèrent Dieu et se réjouirent » (ch. Et quand Jakúlus arriva au-dessus du bateau que deux prêtres pilotaient, il cracha tant de venin qu'à la fois le bateau et les hommes furent détruits. The tails of the horses were like unto serpents, having heads, and by them they do harm (Rev. In fact, the name comes from a dragon. Today i was sitting outside and a baby dragon fly came to land on me.. Was just working and someone asked me if I knew there was a dragonfly on my shoulder. He or she " protected me .. My daughter and I let them land on our fingers and hold the hose while its running and the actually drink the water....They trust us.....,but how do they ALL know they can trust certain people?, no matter where we are they trust us. :D. Michelle Taylor from New Jersey on June 14, 2012: A very well rounded and informative hub! Ketill dit alors à Sveinn les événements qui s'étaient produits lorsque Yngvarr et ses hommes étaient là. The life cycle of a dragonfly can vary from six months to six years, but most of this time is spent as an aquatic nymph. :D. I hope you and yours have the warmest of celebrations and my brightest blessings to you, dear friend, in 2013!! 1 – Tatouage de dragon extraordinaire représenté sur le dos de cet homme. Always there is a perilous crossing. But now I learn another symbolism of dragon fly from this hub. He laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him a thousand years. I absolutely love your photos and of how colorful and focused they are. 1986  1987  Il peut être ailé, bicéphale, cresté (AF), éployé (aux ailes étendues), mariné … I got great photos of one posing in our garden one day. The night sea journey is a kind of descensus ad inferos--a descent into Hades and a journey to the land of ghosts somewhere beyond this world, beyond consciousness, hence an immersion in the unconscious [“The Psychology of the Transference,” CW 16, par. The great dragon was cast down the old serpent, which is called the Devil and Satan, which seduceth the whole world (Rev. Thank you so very much for this fantastic information! Thank you for this information. Kris Heeter from Indiana on December 19, 2012: This is a really nice and informative hub. Jung saw the Ouroboros much like he saw the mandala, as an archetypal template of the psyche symbolizing eternity and the law of endless return – and individuation. She loves to watch them hover! Sometimes, as with Jonah, Aeneas, Christ, and Psyche, it is a descent into the depths — the sea, the underworld, or Hades itself. En s'enfonçant dans l'inconscient, l'ancienne conscience se met dans une The Oshunmare is also seen as a symbol for rebirth. Snakes are usually symbolizing sex and sexuality. rapprocher du Saint-Esprit, appelé par les alchimistes l'oiseau d'Hermès. I'm curious why the dragonfly could not shape shift back to the dragon? Dès lors, la demi-lune dans la saga pourrait dénoter l'absence ou de l'incomplétude du christianisme dans les territoires traversés par Yngvarr et son fils6. Once the dragon took the form of the dragonfly, it couldn’t shift back. Carl Jung would have called the dragon a symbol of the universal unconscious, since so many cultures have myths associated with a dragon, or dragon like beasts. The largest dragonflies, called Dragon Hunters, can capture and eat the largest of insects. 19:15); where rush denotes what is lowest. I'm honored that you linked to my hub! There shall not be for Egypt any work, which shall make head and tail, branch and rush (Isa. I just wrote a jackal spirit guide hub, which was inspired by your Anubis hub...I ended up having a dream of a jackal and decided to write it. The nickname “snake doctor” came from the myth that dragonflies would follow snakes and either sew them together if they were injured, or bring them back to life. A male Golden Winged Skimmer (Libellula auripennis). All initiatory rituals involve this basic archetypal pattern through which the old order and early infantile attachments must die and a more mature and productive life be born in their place. Dragonflies belong to the order Odonata, and the suborder Anisoptera. Il symbolise la puissance. Le dragon comme symbole du mal apparaît notamment dans les représentations du combat de saint Georges contre le dragon, ici dans la. Adult dragonflies will often congregate around this area as well. The dragon is for Carl G. Jung the personification of Sulphur and is by far the male element. :) Very interesting hub! Once the eggs hatch, the larvae emerge as nymphs, or naiads.


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