When Thalia protests about Hades' new weapon of power, Persephone silences her and thanks Percy and Thalia for making their uncle more powerful. Some stories say that her weapon was actually molded from Kronos' scythe to her own choice of a weapon. However, Demeter turned down all their proposals of marriage (though she still had children with Zeus and Poseidon), for she preferred to devote herself to her duties as the goddess of the harvest and fertility. Surely she and Nico have clashed more than the one time that left Nico with roots. Nico has no clue what to do. Maybe some explicit language. Gender Persephone mainly used them as a way for her 'secret visitors' to escape quickly and easily from the Underworld. Hades was determined to make Persephone love him and gave her many gifts and riches. As the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, as well as the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone is extremely powerful, more so than a demigod, though less so compared to an Olympian. Persephone has some training in both armed and unarmed combat, though she rarely participates in combat situations. Despoina would later become a minor goddess of fertility, and looked after Demeter's temples as a high priestess after reaching maturity. She greets them at the front door to Hades's palace, constantly tries to seduce Grover, and is in the background when Hades is speaking with Percy. I hold his heart in my hands, and I will give you no piece of it!". They also take her head with them to retrieve the second pearl, which they find on the crown of Athena's statue in the Parthenon in Nashville. Nico, you are my son. Shortly thereafter, the gods invaded the ruins of Mount Orthys, and finally overwhelmed Atlas, Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios, and Koios. Rosario Dawson As she wasn't one of her father's favorite children, she had no position at Olympus and used to live far with her mother's closest nymphs. *I'm not trying to depict any culture. When Hades kidnapped her, Persephone didn't want to stay with him and wanted to be rescued, causing tantrums in his palace and destroying his riches. Rescuing the Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires. Good news, you can rejoin my garden!" Persephone convinces her husband that she likes Percy and that it will be ashamed to kill a hero so brave. She is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, as well as the wife of Hades, therefore being the Queen of the Underworld. When Demeter and Persephone are together, the Earth flourishes with vegetation in Demeter's happiness. Although he was distanced from his Olympian family, Hades was lonely and desired a wife to fill the void. She then kisses Hades to distract him, giving her the chance to snatch the bolt away from him and blast him with it. “I’m obviously succeeding.”______, Just a little college AU based on this poem by W.H.Auden. Home Percy, Grover, and Annabeth find three of them in Medusa's lair, the Parthenon in Nashville ,the and the third one at lotus hotel and casino. Somehow, Nico went for it and kept answering, genuinely having fun. Nico stared her down, and oh, how she hated his eyes. One hand hovered near his sword, as if he intended to strike the goddess down with it. When Triptolemus taught Lynkos, king of Scythia (and demigod son of Hades), the arts of agriculture, Lynkos refused to teach it to his people and then tried to murder Triptolemus. The Greeks believed Persephone's return from the Underworld signified the rebirth of crops, whereas the Romans thought that Proserpine preserved their seeds during the winter. I figured Persephone would totally use that in her tirade. Residence Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And Persephone knew Hades liked looking at Nico and seeing himself in the boy, a living testimony to his parentage, so all who saw him would know he was off-limit's: his father's precious hero. This one should be no different. He quickly transformed into a strong white stallion himself, and galloped after her. Behind the scenes When Luke spoke about her, he says, "Needless to say, she hates it there. Percy Jackson's Greek GodsPercy Jackson's Greek HeroesThe Lightning Thief (mentioned) The Titan's Curse (mentioned) The Demigod Files The Last Olympian The Mark of Athena (mentioned) The House of Hades (mentioned) Family When Percy Jackson talks to Grover how Artemis had been kidnapped and questions how it would even be possible to kidnap a goddess, Grover tells Percy that Persephone was kidnapped. Demeter was particularly bitter towards Kronos, and vowed that she would never forgive her father. Goddess of Springtime and Flowers, Vegetation and FertilityQueen of the Underworld 1108 Demeter, a main belt asteroid 26km in diameter, is named after her. “. Before the seasons began, her eyes were sky blue like her father's and her hair was blond like her mother's. Her sacred animals are black rams, bats, monkeys, and parrots. In return, for their release, all six of Demeter's uncles agreed to fight on her side in the upcoming war with the Titans. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. But sometimes Persephone stopped thinking of the boy as another demigod, as Hades' son, and started thinking of him as that woman's bastard. Not that she wanted him to be her son. In Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, Persephone was described to be an incredibly beautiful young goddess with tender expression. She is portrayed by actress Stefanie von Pfetten. He could never be hers. Persephone Forgiveness never comes easy and asking for it is hard, so how will they manage now? tags: demeter, hades, nico-diangelo, percy-jackson, persephone. Her sacred plants are the poppies, the sunflower, the cypress, the foxglove, the daisy, the columbine, the ash and the oak trees. Actor She stated that its petals will fall and when all of them would have fallen, the thief would have escaped. Percy manages to behead her and claim the pearl, which somehow ended up on her bracelet. Percy and Annabeth Originally go to see Sally Jackson but end up going on a quest. okay bear with me i know it sounds cheesy and cliche, but aren't all fanfictions?...okay aren't most fanfiction? Brown With them unable to reach a compromise, the two took Adonis to Mount Olympus, where Zeus decided that it would be best for Adonis to spend a third of each year with each respective goddess, and have the final third to himself. She grew up with her grandparents (Paul and Sally) and had no idea about her connection to the gods until Posiedon shows up and takes Percy away to his palace because her parents are missing. However, her twin brother, Arion, played a far more prominent role in mythology, given how he often come to the aid of demigod heroes (such as Hercules). Persephone does try to object but she goes back to arguing with her mother. Hades is the ruler of the Underworld and the Greek god of the dead and riches. Afterwards, Demeter sent him on a mission to educate the whole of Greece. However, the girl was saved by Poseidon, who took her to Atlantis, and made her his housekeeper. However, Demeter does have a much larger role in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. In The Titan's Curse, Demeter was described as a dark-haired woman in green robes. That is how the seasons came to be. "You think your mother was so special!" Demeter's hair was woven with dried grasses, and reminded Percy of a wicker basket. Demeter never could accept that her daughter had married Hades and left "her poor mother". Female She is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, as well as the wife of Hades, therefore being the Queen of the Underworld. Angered and heartbroken, Demeter stopped caring for the Earth, so the land didn't flourish and people began to starve and die. Persephone narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists, but with a nod of her head, Nico-the-dandelion became Nico-the-demigod again. Queen Persephone is one of the minor characters in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series. Plants do not feel. "You are nothing but a bastard!" Let's goooo!!!!). No! He swears an oath that he won't use this sword against the Olympians. As for Demeter herself, she became the Goddess of Agriculture, Harvest, and Fertility, and would often visit mortals and teach them the necessary skills of agriculture. How should we like it were stars to burnWith a passion for us we could not return?If equal affection cannot be,Let the more loving one be me. After the demigods had recovered the sword, Percy realized that the sword was ordered to be made by Persephone against Hades' orders to make him more powerful. “Are you trying to drunk talk physics to me?” Nico whispered back. Physical description https://riordan.fandom.com/wiki/Persephone?oldid=575367. After Nico convinces Hades to reinforce Olympus at a desperate moment and help his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon with the other Olympian gods, against their Titan father, Kronos, both Demeter and her first daughter joined with him, turning an entire army of giants into a wheat field while in battle and later joining the other gods on Olympus when they reward the heroes after the Battle of Manhattan has ended. During June, July, and August the cabin is like a typical summer cabin with flowers all around the cabin. Being a satyr and as such very into nature, Grover takes offense to this and corrects Percy, telling him that Persephone is the goddess of springtime. PJO Demeter was present at the winter solstice council meeting. Persephone Demeter was finally released during the final drinking competition that Kronos had with his Titanic brothers and nephews. Her general symbols are the cornucopia, (sheaves of) wheat, bread, a torch, acorns, honey. While Erisikhthon and fifty of his burly friends set out to chop down the trees, Demeter herself appeared before them, in the guise of a maiden. Heroes and Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Persephone and Nico have a heated argument; Amphritite thinks about her favorite stepson Percy; Hera/Juno ponders on her different views towards her stepchildren. Upon seeing the starvation and anguish of the mortals due to Demeter's curse on the earth, Zeus was forced to order Hades to return Persephone to her mother. Eye Would his indifference to her hurt so much if she did? Wherever she went, Demeter was said to cut a surprisingly warlike figure, given that she rode a golden chariot pulled by twin dragons, and at her side gleamed a curved Imperial Gold sword. There must be something you agree on, something you can count on while in each other's company.". The best are by Asilda, where Nico becomes the host of Anubis.) She also wore a crown of woven corn leaves and adornments of poppies, and had a sweet distinctive scent of a rainstorm over a field of jasmine. Zeus (father)Demeter (mother)Kronos and Rhea (grandparents)Ares, Hermes, Apollo, Dionysus Perseus, Minos, Hercules, Tantalus, Aeacus, Megaros, Lacadaemon, Tityus, Rhadamanthys, Sarpedon, Amphion, Zethus, Dardanos, Iason, Eetion, Epaphus, Demetrius, Akheilos, Caerus (paternal half-brothers)Athena, The Horai, the Moirai, the Muses, the Charites, Hebe, Enyo, Eileithyia, Artemis, Britomartis, Angelos, Aletheia, Pandeia, Herse, Agdistis, Herophile, Thalia Grace (paternal half-sisters)Arion, Ploutos, Eubouleus, Lityerses, Eli Whitney I (maternal half-brothers)Despoina (maternal half-sister)Demeter's Cabin members (maternal half-siblings)Poseidon, Chiron (uncles)Hestia (aunt)Hera (aunt/step-mother)Hades (uncle/husband)Zagreus (son)Melinoe, Makaria (daughters)Lynkos, Nico di Angelo (stepsons)Bianca di Angelo (stepddaughter) He made his way all the way to Hades' Palace, with ghosts, Charon, Cerberus, and even the Furies themselves being brought to tears. In The Last Olympian, Demeter was described to be an older and sterner version of her daughter Persephone, with the same lustrous black hair and warm brown eyes, and her golden dress being the color of a wheat field. Persephone claims Hades won't remember a thing and tells the four mortals that she has to put up with her husband. Zeus poured an extremely powerful emetic (made from nectar mixed with mustard) into Kronos' goblet, which caused the Titan King to disgorge all of the contents of his stomach, in reverse order of swallowing: first the boulder, then Poseidon, followed by Hades, Hera, Demeter, and finally Hestia. The gods chose Mount Olympus as their official residence, and the Elder Cyclopes build magnificent palaces there for them all. The Titans initially had the upper hand, since they were well-armed and much more experienced and skilled warriors. Pressed by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities who heard their anguish, Zeus finally forced Hades to return Persephone to her mother. Shortly thereafter, Demeter fell head-over-heels in love with Iasion, a handsome and well-mannered mortal prince of Crete. Ceres is Demeter's Roman aspect. Alias After Adonis decided to spend his third time of the year with Aphrodite, he was stabbed to death by a wild boar of Ares, Aphrodite's immortal lover. One day, Persephone was picking flowers with some of her nymphs in a field in Enna when Hades came to abduct her, bursting through a cleft in the earth. Erisikhthon, an arrogant Prince of Thessaly, intended to build himself a magnificent mansion. The most prominent fruit there is the pomegranate, which makes the consumer stay in, go or return tothe Underworld. Will and Nico try to build a steady long-distance relationship while (in the background) Cecil is doing a typical 90-day fiance show. Ploutos would often travel all over Greece, and would reward the most hard-working farmers with sacks of money. and yet Persephone merely says, "I know." In her fury Demeter curses the earth turning the world cold, dark, and barren. Her Roman counterpart is Ceres. Do you think he cares for you? Queen Persephone is one of the minor characters in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series. Although she only made one appearance, she was vital to the success of Percy's quest in two ways. Will's never met Nico's step-mother before and Nico's loathe to admit it, but he sort of wants a 'happy family' dynamic with them all. starts off as a collection of events but now i'm spinning it off into an actual story so yeah, written in same 2nd-person-roman-numeral-sections style, but i just decided to split the sections into chapters because my 11 paged google doc was getting really annoying, Nico Di Angelo has had an unrequited crush on Percy Jackson for years. As Proserpine, she becomes more disciplined, warlike, and militaristic. Love interest(s) Her Roman counterpart is Proserpina. Hecate, goddess of magic, told Demeter she had heard Persephone scream when she was being kidnapped. Heroes, bravery, Adonis, Hades So she has...secret 'visitors'." His Roman counterpart is Pluto. Her attitude started to change after she saw thefields of magnificent plantsHades asked for her. Shortly after the battle, Demeter is seen having what Jason thinks is "an intense discussion" with Hera and Poseidon. He shook himself off and spat out a bunch of dandelion seeds. "While you have obviosuly given him ears, it would be nice if my son had arms and legs, and I guess a head and body wouldn't hurt," a dry voice said from behind her. "I will show you! She steals the bolt from Hades after he gained it from Luke's shield and blasts her husband with it. Persephone's Cabin houses all of the children of the goddess of springtime and the Underworld. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. THERE WILL BE UPWARDS OF TWENTY CHAPTERS. He was a prideful, ungrateful, insolent little boy who cared not a lick for her. How dare he imply her husband didn't love her? Demeter's brother, Hades, was very skilled in navigating under the earth, and therefore was able to lead them all into Tartarus (through a network of Underworld tunnels). Will is anxious about meeting the infamous Prince of the Kingdom of Darkness, but when they do meet, things don't go quite as planned. As a result of this, a grief-stricken and wrathful Demeter commanded the earth to become barren and infertile until her daughter was returned to her (this in turn induced autumn, and then winter). Find out more by reading this NEW fanfiction!! I am his beloved wife, and you are an accident!


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