© 1999-2020 Art Renewal Center. Bouguereau was a Classical-style painter in the Neoclassical era of art. Our most senior artists, those who have at least 25 years experience, We only use the highest quality oil paint and finest available canvas. Assise sur un pan de roche, le bas du corps enveloppé d'une gaze transparente, la blonde Psyché reçoit avec étonnement le premier baiser de l'Amour, gracieusement penché vers elle. Napoléon, qui ne manquait pas de coquetterie, ne fut pas insensible à la flatterie de Gérard qui accentua encore, en l'affadissant il est vrai, la beauté romaine de son visage. Psyché et l'Amour François Gérard Musée du Louvre. with the canvas being secured to the back rather than the sides of those bars. Sale Price $11.01 $ 11.01 $ 18.35 Original Price $18.35 (40% off) Favorite Add to L Amour et Psyche Bouguereau Pattern Touch Hands With Cigarette Phone Case iPhone 5 5s 6 6s 7 8 Plus X XR … Ce thème a également été traité par Rodin dans une autre œuvre intitulée L’Amour et Psych é représentant les deux amants mythiques couchés et étroitement enlacés. Note that for safety reasons we can only frame up to a certain size. Il reçut le titre de premier peintre du roi et fut créé baron en 1819. / William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905), Academic Classical Important Notes About Your Painting: Stretched, Gallery Wrapped and Framed paintings are covered with protective bubble wrap, separated by foam board and then carefully put into the cardboard box. Other resolutions: 269 × 240 pixels | 538 × 480 pixels | 861 × 768 pixels | 1,200 × 1,071 pixels. 1st Art Gallery provides a full warranty covering manufacturing and material defects for paintings purchased from our website. A vrai dire, Gérard ne brillait pas par la vivacité de l'expression ni par la vigueur du modelé ; ses personnages étaient toujours marqués d'une sorte de morbidesse, mais qui se rachetait par une élégance raffinée et par un charme incontestable. Free shipping is included in the price of the painting. Il est difficile de mieux rendre la beauté virginale de la première jeunesse que ne l'a fait Gérard dans cette délicieuse figure ; rien n'est pudique comme l'attitude craintive de ce joli corps qui se pelotonne comme un oiseau effarouché qui replierait ses ailes-L'Amour aussi est charmant, mais sans afféterie ; il ne rappelle en rien les Amours de Boucher et de son école. L'Amour et Psyche, enfants (Cupid and Psyche as Children). This warranty service is provided free of charge. 68,5 x 44,3 x 46,5 cm. Dans ce groupe, deux personnages juvéniles s’enlacent donnant à la composition un aspect pyramidal. Login to download. L'Amour et Psyche, enfants takes as its subject a story from a Latin novel known as 'The Golden Ass' written by Apuleius in the 2nd century. Real Oil Paints, Real Brushes, Real Artists, Real Art. which is by wrapping it around thick stretcher bars, about 1.5 inch thick, A tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as the order leaves our studio so you can track it online. Lang Paul, Regards sur Amour et Psyché à l'âge néoclassique, catalogue d'exposition, Carouge, musée, 1994, Zurich, Institut suisse pour l'étude de l'art, 1994, p. 101-105. One of the artist's favourite myths, the story of Cupid and Psyche follows the princess Psyche, an object of jealously for the Goddess Venus on account of her radiant looks. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Once the maximum size is reached, the framing option is automatically disabled. Les arts et la Révolution 1789-1799, Paris, Adam Biro, 1985, p. 75-76. If, in the unlikely event you were dissatisfied with the painting after reviewing it in person, it can be returned for a full refund for up to 365 days after delivery. The term Gallery Wrap refers to the way the canvas is stretched, We only hire qualified artists with advanced degrees in Fine Arts who La cour l'adopta aussi : il eut à peindre Madame Laetitia, l'impératrice Joséphine et l'Empereur lui-même en costume de gala. We can turn any photograph into a beautiful hand-painted masterpiece. … Il n'en est pas moins un artiste délicat et gracieux, les chairs de ses personnages ont des teintes ivoirines très plaisantes, mais qu'il poussa parfois jusqu'à l'exagération. / Search ARC Museum painter, teacher, frescoist and draftsman, 200 x 116 cms | 78 1/2 x 45 1/2 ins Malgré la gloire dont il jouit de son vivant, Gérard n'égale pas les autres grands peintres de son époque ; il ne vient qu'assez loin derrière David, Gros et Prud'hon. Avec ses formes sveltes et sa fière élégance, il représente exactement l'Amour antique, le bel Éros grec. We've been selling genuine handmade online since 2003! qu’en amour; Air à danser; Couplets des Nymphes : Aimable jeunesse; ACTE TROISIÈME. The traditions that Bouguereau so closely followed were replete with references to Cupid and Psyche, told through poetry, opera, drama, and depicted in painting and sculpture. When purchasing a painting on its own, it will arrive rolled inside a secure tube Start browsing our most popular paintings: Each painting is custom made and won't ship until it meets the. No printing or digital imaging techniques are used. Il fut payé 6.000 francs au peintre en 1801, puis acheté par l'État pour 28.100 francs en 1822, à la vente du baron Rapp. to speed-up the reproduction process and lower costs. After a number of tests, obstacles and trials, the gods immortalise Psyche and the pair are married in heaven. Cette sensation inconnue l'agite ; elle porte les mains à son cœur ému ; la pensée, le sentiment s'éveillent dans son être jusque-là endormi, et sur son front le papillon de l'âme palpite et bat des ailes. Original file ‎ (1,200 × 1,071 pixels, file size: 806 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) File information. Their union is one beyond the reality of lived experience or human reason - a relationship of the eternal soul, inspired neither by pagan ritual or Christian dogma. Assise sur un pan de roche, le bas du corps enveloppé d'une gaze transparente, la blonde Psyché reçoit avec étonnement le premier baiser de l'Amour, gracieusement penché vers elle. Optional - receive your painting ready to hang. L'œuvre charmante que nous donnons ici appartient à ce genre, alors très à la mode. Choosing to paint a figurative reproduction the pair as cherubic children meeting before the onset of puberty or sexual passion, Bouguereau casts the pair as instruments of fate — born for each-other. L'Amour et Psyché, enfants is an oil painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau in 1890. Gérard fit de son mieux : sa composition ne manque ni d'habileté ni d'harmonie, mais on n'y trouve pas cet élan, cette fougue dont Gros animait les siennes ; il n'était pas taillé pour le genre héroïque. All our artists have at least 15 years of experience. Bien mieux, il symbolise, tendrement penché sur la jeune fille qui l'écoute, cette scène éternellement vraie des aveux murmurés tout bas et des premiers battements du cœur. You need JavaScript enabled in your browser to use this website effectively. 4.5 out of 5 stars (136) 136 reviews. there is no limit to what our artists can create. Each oil painting is created by hand using only the finest canvas and oil paints available. La chute de l'Empire ne porta aucune atteinte à sa faveur, qui s'accrut encore avec la Restauration. It is currently in a private collection. Each canvas reproduction may vary slightly in brush details due to the nature of being hand painted, so no two paintings are the same. Grande scène de Psyché : Par quels noirs et fâcheux présages; Trio des Furies : Où penses-tu porter tes pas Non, n’attends rien de favorable … Oil on canvas, Hobart Psyché et l’Amour Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917) 1897. David aimait beaucoup Gérard ; il favorisa ses débuts dans la peinture ; fougueux partisan des idées nouvelles, il essaya même de l'entraîner avec lui dans la politique militante. When you receive the painting; you are free to return it for more revisions or else for a full refund minus our actual shipping cost -- which is, on average, $25 per painting. when in fact they use printing presses and screening methods If ordered without a frame the painting will arrive rolled inside a protective tube with an extra 1.5" white canvas on all sides so you can easily frame it in any local frame shop. VIDEO: All you need to know about frames. S.1123. Due to shipping restraints, many of our framed, stretched, and oversize paintings may take 6-21 days for arrival depending on the safest route determined by the postal service. In anger, Venus orders her son Cupid to make Psyche fall desperately in love with a monster. Ses portraits l'avaient rendu célèbre : certains d'entre eux, celui d'Isabey, celui de Brongniart et surtout celui de Madame Récamier l'avaient consacré grand portraitiste. File; File history; File usage on Commons; Metadata; Size of this preview: 672 × 600 pixels. Lorsque la Convention régna souverainement sur la France, David crut être agréable à son élève en le faisant nommer membre du tribunal révolutionnaire. N'était le coloris, on le prendrait pour un peintre venu trop tard et versé dans le classique faute de mieux, parce que Watteau, Fragonard et Boucher, ne sont plus. Gérard ne sacrifia jamais la ressemblance, mais il possédait un incomparable tour de main pour embellir ses modèles : aussi fut-il le peintre préféré des femmes. The Certificate of Authenticity which arrives with every painting provides an assurance and verifies the authenticity of the hand painted fine art reproduction you purchased. Ici l’Amour tient entre ses bras et entre ses jambes la … For those customers who appreciate quality and want to own an artist's work as it was meant to be enjoyed we are here for you. Unframed paintings are covered with a special protective film, are gently rolled and then placed inside a strong specially designed tube. Hand crafted means unique to every owner. The painting features Greek mythological figures Cupid and Psyché, sharing an embrace and kiss. All orders ship with UPS, FedEx or DHL and will arrive directly to your home or office. Your cart is empty. Il possède une grande suavité de touche, un coloris agréable et fin qui charment et séduisent. The artist, a traditionalist much-lauded by the French Academy of the time, and derided by the more radical school of Impressionism, favoured painting genre paintings that toyed with mythological themes. Note we are only able to ship framed paintings up to a certain size. Only buy from a trusted US or European company that has been in business for many years. The total delivery time from the moment you place your order until the package is delivered to your door is normally between three to four weeks. … If you're considering not framing your painting at all, Depending on the degree of damage to the warranted painting, it will either be repaired or replaced. Apuleius's novel was rediscovered during the Renaissance and became engrained in the classical canon. In anger, Venus orders her son Cupid to make Psyche fall desperately in love with a monster. All rights reserved. Duo de Psyché et de l’Amour : Ah ! Buy a print. We always ship express via courier to ensure your order reaches you as soon as possible - normally within three business days. Can't find the painting that you are looking for? No order is shipped before it meets our standards, which are the highest in the industry. Technical description. Mais Gérard n'avait que peu d'inclination pour cette fonction redoutable ; il simula une maladie pour n'avoir pas à la remplir. We insist on sourcing our materials from brands that have been in business for at least a century or more. All orders ship express and usually arrive within 4-5 days from the shipping date. No problem! have completed a dissertation in European or American art. File:Assiette, Psyché et l'Amour (L 667).jpg. We offer more than 20 beautiful models, all hand finished and expertly assembled by our experienced framers. Il eut alors la singulière idée de vouloir faire de Gérard un peintre de batailles et il le chargea de peindre la Bataille d'Austerlitz. Instead, Cupid falls for Psyche. painter, teacher, frescoist and draftsman. use an existing frame, or frame it locally, you may choose to order your painting with a stretching service, His interpretative reproductions of Christian and Pagan subjects was immensely appealing to the art collecting classes of his day, and Bouguereau enjoyed immense success during his lifetime. Painted by European Academy Graduated Artists Only. From an old wedding photograph, a picture of a loved pet, or your best selfie, Il devint le peintre de la famille royale, comme il avait été celui de la famille impériale. You may choose to purchase your painting framed, in which case, it will arrive "ready to hang". Michel Régis, "L'art des Salons", Aux armes et aux arts. Quand Napoléon prit le pouvoir, Gérard était à l'apogée de sa réputation et dans tout l'éclat de son talent. that you would like the artist to work from, please include it as an attachment. you must email us after placing your order and we'll have an artist contact you. François GÉRARD (Rome, 1770 - Paris, 1837) Psyche and Cupid, also known as Psyche … carefully examine each and every painting that comes out of our studio. / Museum Damage caused by incidents such as accidents or inappropriate use are not covered. Ce joli groupe se détache en clair d'un fond de ciel bleu et de collines boisées ; il est regrettable seulement que l'excessif poli de la touche donne aux chairs des tons d'ivoire et de porcelaine. Image Details 1000 x 576 pixels. When ordering the painting framed - allow additional 5-7 days for. If you have another image of L'Amour et Psyche, enfants (Cupid and Psyche as Children) Simply fill the form to get started. Psyche et L'Amour Home / Museum / Search ARC Museum / William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) View. L'Amour et Psyche, enfants takes as its subject a story from a Latin novel known as 'The Golden Ass' written by Apuleius in the 2nd century. Quelques-unes de ses toiles, comme Psyché, sont de tout premier ordre.Psyché recevant le premier baiser de L'Amour parut au Salon de 1798. If you are planning to frame your painting yourself, One of the artist's favourite myths, the story of Cupid and Psyche follows the princess Psyche, an object of jealously for the Goddess Venus on account of her radiant looks. Ses grandes ailes d'épervier lui ôtent l'air poupin d'un Cupidon de boudoir. Some companies claim to be selling handmade paintings Home Simply make a request and we will get back to you with a quote within a few hours. Air de Psyché : Si le plaisir d’aimer; Air de Psyché : Il a payé ce tribut; Air de Psyché : Vous m’abandonnez; ACTE QUATRIÈME. Once the maximum size is reached the framing option is automatically disabled. L Amour et Psyche Bouguereau First kiss Psychee Angels French Painting AirPods Case Clear Airpod Plastic Apple AirPods Pro Case Air Pods RbccGB. It was displayed in the Salon of Paris in 1890, the year Bouguereau was President of the Société des Artistes Français. William-Adolphe Bouguereau's most recognisable painting, L'Amour et Psyche, enfants (1890) is an elegant and idealised study of the mythological figures Cupid and Psyche as children. Otherwise, we will reproduce the above image for you exactly as it is. If you have any request to alter your reproduction of L'Amour et Psyche, enfants (Cupid and Psyche as Children), Mais Gérard s'inspire de l'antique avec moins d'austérité et avec plus de grâce que David ; il ne choisit pas comme lui ses personnages parmi les héros, il recherche de préférence les sujets gracieux, les scènes aimables, bien faites pour son pinceau facile et léger. | Australia. you may opt for a Gallery Wrap. Gérard excella surtout dans le portrait, mais il peignait aussi volontiers les scènes mythologiques dont il avait puisé le goût dans son enfance passée à Rome et, plus tard, dans l'atelier de David qui le compta parmi ses plus brillants élèves. Once the painting is ready and dry enough to ship, we will roll it and ship it in a sturdy cardboard tube. The warranty covers damage for normal use. L'Amour et Psyche, enfants is thus a perfect expression of the primary themes, the staggering skill, and the lofty aspirations of Bouguereau's craft. From shop RbccGB. with an extra 1.5" of white canvas on all sides so you can easily frame it in any local frame shop. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. … meaning that it will arrive mounted on wooden bars. We can paint any painting in any size, even if it's not listed on our website. Il se montra ravi de son portrait.


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