| Privacy Policy & Legal Info | Contact us, Learn more about the Climate in Albufeira. Refer to our detailed weather forecasts for this information. Surfers should use a 2mm long sleeve shorty or a 3/2mm spring wetsuit if the wind is up. Sunny with pleasantly warm air temperatures (feeling like 20 °C once we account for wind), yet at 18 °C the sea remains several degrees colder than the air at Albufeira. Temperature at 0910am is 18.9º in a light wind from the south. Choisissez le mois d'Octobre car même si la pluie peut survenir elle est encore assez rare et les journées peuvent encore être chaude avec des 20-25 degrés et une eau à une température correct. Actual sea surface water temperatures close to shore at Albufeira can vary by several degrees compared with these open water averages. Air temperature, wind-chill and sunshine should also be considered before deciding on the kind of wetsuit needed to stay warm when surfing at Albufeira. The coldest seasonal sea temperatures at Albufeira in mid to late February lend themselves to a 4/3mm wetsuit or a 3/2mm suit and 3mm neoprene boots. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. October average water temperature in Albufeira is 20.3°C/68.5°F, the minimum temperature is 17.4°C/63.3°F, and the maximum is 24.3°C/75.7°F. A simialr day is expected tomorrow, Thursday could be very warm for November at perhaps 26º then Friday and the weekend mainly sunny and dry, temperature around 22º. The Algarve is famous for enjoying over 300 days of sun and 3000 hours of sunlight on average per year. It will become a little cloudy later, but temperature is expected to reach 23º. La température de la mer varie de 16 ° à 22 °. The measurements for the sea surface temperature presented on this page are based on daily satellite readings. Maximum water temperature in July: 24.2°C. Offshore winds cause colder deep water to replace surface water that has been warmed by the sun. Average water temperature in July: 20.1°C. The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 15°C (59°F). But you can use a historical data for the past two years presented below to make you own forecast. Minimum water temperature in July: 16.4°C. The warmest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 27°C (80°F). One the fog has gone, sun will be with us all day and temperature up to around 21º. We have calculated the average water temperature variation around the year as well as the extremes that have been observed on each date. L'été est la période la plus haute en fréquentation touristique à Albufeira, notamment le mois d'Août et le début Septembre donc à éviter. It will stay dry. Unfortunately there is no way to provide accurate forecast for a sea temperature in Albufeira. There will be hardly any wind. Current Sea Temperature. The majority of surfers will need a spring wetsuit though a summer suit or even a shorty may suffice for a short session. Albufeira has dry periods in June, July, August and September. During those months, Albufeira water temperature does not drop below 20°C/68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. © 2020 Meteo365.com | Privacy | Cookie Policy. votes. January is the most wet month. 61°F (min : 59°F/max : 64°F) baignade froide: Température de la mer à Albufeira en mars: Avril Avr. August is the driest month. The average water temperature in Albufeira in winter reaches … 3-Tage-Wettervorhersage für Albufeira, Distrikt Faro, Portugal. We encourage you to visit his own private website where you will find plenty of useful information about the local transportation: www.algarvebus.info, © 2005-2020 albufeira.com | Content & Web Development by Garvemedia, lda. 61°F (min : 59°F/max : 63°F) baignade froide: Température de la mer à Albufeira en février: Mars Mar. The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea greatly influences the Algarvian climate. This has been derived from analysis of two decades of oceanographic satellite measurements of nearby open water. 2 Tonight won't be too bad, 15 or 16º at lowest. Albufeira sea temperatures peak in the range 21 to 23°C (70 to 73°F) on around the 15th of August and are at their coldest on about the 20th of February, in the range 15 to 17°C (59 to 63°F). These average sea temperatures for Albufeira are calculated based on three years of archived data. Based on Today's Albufeira sea temperature is 18.3 ° C. Statistics for 13 Nov (1981–2005) – mean: 18.8 ° C , range: 17.6 ° C to 20.5 ° C The Albufeira water temperature is reasonably warm (18 °C) and the air temperature will similar (windchill forecast 19 °C). This is especially true after heavy rain, close to river mouths or after long periods of strong offshore winds. Below is a graph of Historical Sea Surface Temperature for Albufeira. Actual information about coastal water temperature worldwide. All of the graphs for the surf breaks presented on Surf-Forecast.com are on the same scale to enable comparison between locations around the world. Albufeira sea temperatures are highest in mid August. Tonight will be a little cooler than recently, 16 or 17º with the wind coming from the north. Les mois les plus pluvieux sont : octobre, novembre et décembre . Température de la mer à Albufeira en janvier: Février Fév. This information is most relevant to recreational users. Vote. 24.1°C. This report is regularly updated by a British citizen residing in Albufeira and member of Albufeira.com forum. Actuellement, la température de l'eau de la mer à Albufeira est au maximum de : 65°F (soit 2° de moins que la normale saisonnière) Autres informations utiles sur la météo du jour : Température extérieure : 63°F à 65°F; Soleil et partiellement nuageux; Le vent souffle à 14.3mph Nous conseillons les mois de avril, mai, juin, juillet, … Höchst- und Tiefstwerte, RealFeel, Niederschlag, Radar und alle weiteren aktuellen Informationen für Pendler. Summers are hot and dry, but not suffocating thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, and winters are mild with hardly any rain (50 days with rain and 500 mm on average each year), combined with very inviting springs and autumns. Temperature at 0805am is 17.5º, the fog makes everything feel rather damp. Morning fog is just lifting and it is going to be a nice sunny day today. The swimming season in Albufeira lasts from June to October.


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