Unfortunately, Aissatou's story is not uncommon. What is the main idea of the text- state it in one sentence. What does it mean for every child? They are offered a two-year fixed term contract at the start of their professional career, and in case of their satisfactory performance, they are granted a continuing contract to further develop their career at the United Nations. Are you selfless and driven to be a part of a bigger purpose in the service of humanity? The General Paper, which is the same for all exam subjects, tests your drafting and analytical abilities in English or French. Tips from the director of the UN information center in Vienna. Fully 75 percent in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Since that time, significant progress had been made towards realizing Millennium Development Goal 2 (MDG 2) of ensuring universal primary education, reflected in increased enrollment and greater gender parity in primary schools. We have a chance to lay the foundation to serve both now - and we should take it. The application period for the 2020 YPP exams is now open. See instructions, The Corona Pandemic: Perfect time to acquire new knowledge, Working With Remote Employees: How To Do It Right, 2020 Young Professionals Programme Exams (YPP), Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program 2021-2022 for Young Tunisians (Fully-funded to the U.S.), White House Fellowship Program 2021-2022 for Young Professionals in the U.S. (Paid), U.S.-MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Undergraduate Program 2021 for Students in MENA (Fully-funded), UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition 2020 for Senior Secondary School Students, Acumen East Africa Fellowship Program 2021 for Emerging Entrepreneurs and Change Agents, Dell Technologies Graduation Project Competition 2020/2021 for Middle East, Russia, Africa and Turkey, ADB Healthy Oceans Technology Innovation Challenge 2020 (up to US$500,000), Call for Application: UNMGCY/DESA Expert Group Meeting on Youth Mental Health, Mahathir Science Award 2021 for Tropical Agriculture, Architecture and Engineering (USD $100,000 cash prize), Adobe Research Internships 2021 for Graduate Students, Management & Administration: job opening # 138630, Global Communications: job opening # 138706, Political Affairs & Human Rights: job opening # 138708. I come from Armenia and I started my legal education in Moscow, Russia. Check out this, Official social media accounts of UN Careers. Children from the poorest 20 percent of their societies are two to three times less likely to attend primary school than those in the richest 20 percent.Girls are still less likely than boys to attend primary school. Each candidate will be interviewed by an interview panel consisting of members of the Specialized Examination Board. THE UNITED NATIONS HAS BEEN MADE AWARE THAT FOR-PROFIT COMPANIES HAVE BEEN SELLING SERVICES RELATED TO THE UNITED NATIONS YOUNG PROFESSIONALS PROGRAMME (YPP), INCLUDING APPLICATION REVIEW AND PREPARATION FOR THE YPP EXAMINATIONS AND INTERVIEWS. Surrounded by the cracked and flood-stained walls of her primary school in Dakar, Senegal, Anta attends classes and dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Some light food, beverage in clear bottle, Review the “What’s new” page on the Careers Portal regularly. The list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year. Candidates who meet all requirements are invited to submit an application for the YPP 2020 online. And children with disabilities are the least likely to go to school, same children are missing out on critical health services; on adequate nutrition; on access to clean water. YPUN is also misrepresenting itself as being part of or affiliated with ‎the United Nations, including via its social media accounts. It was also critical to the empowerment of girls and to ending the poverty of many disadvantaged people and nations. The list of job openings can be found on the YPP Home page. The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from ending conflict and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. never miss a deadline again with our CALENDAR, The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) – Vacancy Announcements, CEER is seeking a High-Level Administrator, Empow’Her is Looking for Fashion Designer for 2-month Project in Bangkok, The United Nations Young Professionals Programme (UN YPP), 7 Life Skills for Staying Strong in Times of Adversity, 5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Moved to Study in Switzerland, Simple Ways How We Can Help Our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Western Balkans Fellowship Programme at the Austrian Parliament, European Regional Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe, Master in European Project Planning and Management 9th Edition, a Fully Virtual Initiative. And education is central to breaking the cycle of poverty for millions of the world's most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Job Vacancies in United Nations and International Organizations, - Talk about your experiences as an Administrative Officer, -Describe a situation where you had to be creative. Written examination. accurately reflects the ideas, contains only the main ideas, is objective n is clear, coherent and concise, is logically organized, is mainly written in the summary writer’s own words. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE UNITED NATIONS IS NOT COLLABORATING OR PARTNERING WITH ANY COMPANIES OFFERING YPP-RELATED SERVICES OF ANY KIND. Partners. So, as world leaders gather this September at the Summit on the Millennium Development Goals to review our collective progress in meeting the MDGs — and toplot a course to accelerate that progress as we approach 2015 - we should also renew our collective commitment to providing education for all. It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programmes once successful candidates start their career with the UN. As we work to meet these needs, we must make sure that our progress is sustainable. UPD 2020. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Unauthorized disclosure of any portion of a YPP exam ‎constitutes theft of United Nations property. The writer, therefore, urged world leaders to recommit themselves at the upcoming Millennium Development Goals Summit to MDG 2 by abolishing school fees and establishing guidelines to ensure that girls stayed in school. World leaders had recognized the importance of education when they adopted the Millennium Declaration 10 years previously. Among their ranks, you will find staff members who monitor elections, disarm child soldiers, coordinate relief in humanitarian crises and provide administrative as well as logistical support to carry out complex mandates. You will need to enter all the information about your background in the Personal History Profile (PHP) form in Inspira, which is a specific recruitment system of the United Nations, and submit it to the YPP 2020 job opening during the application period. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies and our updated privacy policy. P-1/P-2 placement in any Secretariat duty station. YPP is open to nationals of participating countries . The UN YPP interview is conducted in either English or French and consists of a competency-based interview and possibly an oral presentation. The net result of a less educated population is a society more prone to instability - and this affects us all. Dress appropriately n Listen carefully n Be specific. Secondary education for a girl will increase her future income and greatly raise her family's standard of living. The MillenniumDeclaration recognised the transformative role education plays in building stronger societies and set a global goal, now known as MDG 2, of ensuring universal primary education for the world's children. International jobs and internships opportunities. You must be 32 or younger in the year of the examination. The list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year. USE CAR(L) Principe: Context, Actions, Results, Learning, Preparing, and Practising, Be flexible and nondemanding with time, Prepare,Practise, practise, practise! The number of children out of school hasdecreased the sharpest declines in the places with the greatest difficulties, sub- Saharan Africa and South Asia, significant progress in achieving gender parity inprimary school enrolment. Actually I visit this web portal on a daily basis. For organizations, this opportunity is shared with sole purpose of promoting “Access to Information” for all and should not be associated with any other purposes. So, as world leaders gather this September at the Summit on the Millennium Development Goals to review our collective progress in meeting the MDGs — and toplot a course to accelerate that progress as we approach 2015 - we should also renew our collective commitment to providing education for all. You may review the detailed description of what each stage of the UN Young Professionals Programme 2020 entails by clicking on the button below. 1. This meanseliminating school fees and other school-related costs like uniforms and school books. Fully 75 percent of the children out of school today live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Thanks to mladiinfo, I landed on a chance joining ambassadorship program at http://thebesttravelled.com/ (TBT). Her friend Aissatou had to drop out of school to help her grandmother. Mladiinfo can really enable you links to free educational opportunities. Since then, we have made significant progress in meeting MDG 2. The YPP examination is held once a year and is open to nationals of countries participating in the annual recruitment exercise. I got certificate for the attendance but more important – I met new friends. Deadline: 31 October 2020 Interested in working at the UN? Additional guidelines on creating applications are available by clicking on the “Manuals and Help’’ link found in the upper right-hand corner of the web page when you log into https://inspira.un.org. Remember that you can apply for one UN YPP 2020 job opening only. The answer is simple: almost everything. Uncareer.net - not an official document of the United Nations. The YPP examination is held once a year and is open to nationals of countries participating in the annual recruitment exercise. Open to: nationals of a participating country with at least a first-level university degree relevant for the job family they are applying for, aged 32 or younger You must have the nationality of a participating country. Her friend Aissatou had to drop out of school to help her grandmother. What are the main ideas of each of thesesections? The writer argued that education was critical to alleviating all of these problems and creating sustainable progress and emphasized the positive impact that educated girls and women can have on the welfare of their communities. Usually during the month of April, or May, at the latest, the UN releases the YPP eligibility criteria, along with a list of the participating countries. Bookmark this page and make sure you check it regularly to stay informed about general updates, possible changes and new developments related to the examination. And that means a focus on education. TIPS: Time-keeping/time-management extremely important!!! Children from ethnic and indigenous minorities are likely to be excluded at even higher rates. Stay tuned – in the coming weeks we will share an informational video about the YPP application process. Apply to the selected job opening through Inspira. And here is an example of answer brochure Sample Answer Paper. In April-May every year the United Nations announces the eligibility criteria for the upcoming intake of the UN YPP program. Basic application criteria include: You must have the nationality of a participating country. Please beware of entities that are using the UN name, acronym and/or emblem without ‎authorization and offering YPP examination preparation services for a fee. Make a good first and last impression v Provide concrete examples n Smile! ‎, Those invited to the first stage of the 2019 YPP exams have also received access to their exam area’s ‎, The application period for the 2019 YPP exams has been extended. Please note that neither these companies nor such events are endorsed by the United Nations. Worth of Award. What about examples, such as theexample about Anta and Assiatou in this text? We have a chance to lay the foundation to serve both now - and we should take it. The YPP examination is held once a year and is open to nationals of countries participating in the annual recruitment exercise. Are you a national of any of the participating countries? This Mini-Guide to UN Young Professionals Programme (YPP) based on consolidated information found on the Internet and on the YPP tests samples for the previous years. What does it mean for every child? Children from ethnic and indigenous minorities are likely to be excluded at even higher rates. Looking for fully-funded opportunities, install the Youth Opportunities Android or iOS App here. The list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year. The list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year. Since 1999, the number of girls out of school has declined from 58 percent to 54 percent. Candidates who refuse one invitation to interview or employment offer will be removed from the reserve list. You can find more information on competency based interviews. Get new vacancies and internships daily on your phone. A general set of requirements is as follows: Have the nationality of a participating country, Hold at least a first-level university degree relevant for the job family you are applying for. The competency-based interview aims to test your consistency with values and competencies of the United Nations. Where in the text do youfind it? Management & Administration: job opening # 138630; Global Communications: job opening # 138706 I attended numerous courses, acquired so much beautiful friendships, boosted my networking, and thus became a functional and active member of the society. The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat. The job openings can be accessed on the UN Careers Portal and in Inspira with the following application numbers: Management & Administration: job opening # 138630, Global Communications: job opening # 138706, Political Affairs & Human Rights: job opening # 138708. Candidates who pass the written examination will be invited for the interview. The designation "Denmark" can refer either to continental Denmark or to the short name for the entire Kingdom (e.g. Educated girls are less likely to marry or have children early; they are better able to protect themselves from HIV and Aids, from sexual exploitation and abuse. In fact, UNICEF estimates that over 72m children of primary school age were out of school in 2007. Applications will be accepted through 31 October 2020. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - @opportunitydesk. The list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year. Reminder: The deadline to apply to the 2020 YPP exams is Saturday, 31 October 2020 at 11:59 New York time.‎, Please remember that if you are planning to submit an application for the 2020 YPP, you must hold a ‎nationality from any of these countries:‎, Afghanistan, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahrain, Belize, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Cabo ‎Verde, Cambodia, Central African Republic, China, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Cyprus, Democratic ‎People's Republic of Korea, Dominica, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Grenada, Guinea-‎Bissau, Haiti, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Kuwait, Lao People's ‎Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Marshall Islands, ‎Micronesia (Federated States of), Monaco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Norway, Oman, Palau, Papua ‎New Guinea, Paraguay, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and ‎the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Solomon ‎Islands, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, ‎United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Vanuatu, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of).‎, We are pleased to announce that the 2020 YPP examinations will cover the following areas:‎, We recommend that you start creating your account and profile in, Please beware of entities that are misusing the UN name, acronym and/or emblem‎ and offering YPP ‎examination preparation services for a fee. Applicants who pass all three stages of the UN YPP (Application, Written Exam, Interview) are recognised as successful candidates and become members of the United Nations Roster of Young Professionals. The UN Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a. And let me emphasise: it means focusing our efforts on the most disadvantaged children, in the greatest need. It is a two years internship for young professionals under UN Young Professionals Programme. Uncareer.net - not an official document of the United Nations. Secondary education for a girl will increase her future income and greatly raise her family's standard of living. These are just a few examples amongst many other equally critical and necessary functions. forward-looking, clarify expectations, define future needs, past professional experiences, behavioral/situational questions. Education is essential to every child's ability to thrive, to become a productive adult, to contribute to society - and it is every child's right.Education is imperative to empowering girls and women - which is itself a critical lever in lifting the standard of living in even the most disadvantaged communities. And educated girls and women are far more likely to send their own children to school. Basic application criteria: You must have the nationality of a participating country. In sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia? Watch this brief video to better understand: To learn more, read the below information, click through tabbed pages above, and continue to visit the, Participation of staff of the United Nations, [{"CountryName":"Afghanistan","CountryCode":"AFG","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"AFG"},{"CountryName":"Andorra","CountryCode":"AND","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"AND"},{"CountryName":"Angola","CountryCode":"ANG","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"AGO"},{"CountryName":"Antigua and Barbuda","CountryCode":"ANT","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"ANT"},{"CountryName":"Bahrain","CountryCode":"BAH","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"BHR"},{"CountryName":"Belize","CountryCode":"BZE","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"BLZ"},{"CountryName":"Brazil","CountryCode":"BRA","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"BRA"},{"CountryName":"Brunei Darussalam","CountryCode":"BRU","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"BRN"},{"CountryName":"Cabo Verde","CountryCode":"CVI","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"CPV"},{"CountryName":"Cambodia","CountryCode":"CMB","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"KHM"},{"CountryName":"Central African Republic","CountryCode":"CAF","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"CAF"},{"CountryName":"China","CountryCode":"CPR","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"CHN"},{"CountryName":"Comoros","CountryCode":"COI","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"COM"},{"CountryName":"Congo","CountryCode":"PRC","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"COG"},{"CountryName":"Cuba","CountryCode":"CUB","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"CUB"},{"CountryName":"Cyprus","CountryCode":"CYP","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"CYP"},{"CountryName":"Democratic People's Republic of Korea","CountryCode":"DRK","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"PRK"},{"CountryName":"Dominica","CountryCode":"DMI","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"DMA"},{"CountryName":"Equatorial Guinea","CountryCode":"EQG","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"GNQ"},{"CountryName":"Gabon","CountryCode":"GAB","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"GAB"},{"CountryName":"Gambia","CountryCode":"GAM","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"GMB"},{"CountryName":"Georgia","CountryCode":"GEO","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"GEO"},{"CountryName":"Grenada","CountryCode":"GRN","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"GRD"},{"CountryName":"Guinea-Bissau","CountryCode":"GBS","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"GNB"},{"CountryName":"Haiti","CountryCode":"HAI","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"HTI"},{"CountryName":"Iran (Islamic Republic of)","CountryCode":"IRA","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"IRN"},{"CountryName":"Iraq","CountryCode":"IRQ","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"IRQ"},{"CountryName":"Israel","CountryCode":"ISR","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"ISR"},{"CountryName":"Japan","CountryCode":"JPN","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"JPN"},{"CountryName":"Kazakhstan","CountryCode":"KAZ","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"KAZ"},{"CountryName":"Kiribati","CountryCode":"KIR","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"KIR"},{"CountryName":"Kuwait","CountryCode":"KUW","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"KWT"},{"CountryName":"Lao People's Democratic Republic","CountryCode":"LAO","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"LAO"},{"CountryName":"Latvia","CountryCode":"LAT","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"LVA"},{"CountryName":"Lesotho","CountryCode":"LES","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"LSO"},{"CountryName":"Liberia","CountryCode":"LIR","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"LBR"},{"CountryName":"Libya","CountryCode":"LIB","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"LBY"},{"CountryName":"Liechtenstein","CountryCode":"LIE","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"LIE"},{"CountryName":"Luxembourg","CountryCode":"LUX","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"LUX"},{"CountryName":"Marshall Islands","CountryCode":"MAS","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"MHL"},{"CountryName":"Micronesia (Federated States of)","CountryCode":"MIC","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"FSM"},{"CountryName":"Monaco","CountryCode":"MNC","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"MCO"},{"CountryName":"Mozambique","CountryCode":"MOZ","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"MOZ"},{"CountryName":"Namibia","CountryCode":"NAM","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"NAM"},{"CountryName":"Nauru","CountryCode":"NAU","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"NRU"},{"CountryName":"Norway","CountryCode":"NOR","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"NOR"},{"CountryName":"Oman","CountryCode":"OMA","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"OMN"},{"CountryName":"Palau","CountryCode":"PAL","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"PLW"},{"CountryName":"Papua New Guinea","CountryCode":"PNG","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"PNG"},{"CountryName":"Paraguay","CountryCode":"PAR","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"PRY"},{"CountryName":"Qatar","CountryCode":"QAT","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"QAT"},{"CountryName":"Republic of Korea","CountryCode":"ROK","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"KOR"},{"CountryName":"Russian Federation","CountryCode":"RUS","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"RUS"},{"CountryName":"Saint Lucia","CountryCode":"STL","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"LCA"},{"CountryName":"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines","CountryCode":"STV","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"VCT"},{"CountryName":"Samoa","CountryCode":"SAM","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"WSM"},{"CountryName":"Sao Tome and Principe","CountryCode":"STP","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"STP"},{"CountryName":"Saudi Arabia","CountryCode":"SAU","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"SAU"},{"CountryName":"Seychelles","CountryCode":"SEY","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"SYC"},{"CountryName":"Solomon Islands","CountryCode":"SOI","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"SLB"},{"CountryName":"South Sudan","CountryCode":"SSD","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"SSD"},{"CountryName":"Sudan","CountryCode":"SUD","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"SDN"},{"CountryName":"Suriname","CountryCode":"SUR","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"SUR"},{"CountryName":"Thailand","CountryCode":"THA","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"THA"},{"CountryName":"Timor-Leste","CountryCode":"TIM","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"TLS"},{"CountryName":"Tonga","CountryCode":"TON","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"TON"},{"CountryName":"Turkey","CountryCode":"TUR","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"TUR"},{"CountryName":"Turkmenistan","CountryCode":"TUK","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"TKM"},{"CountryName":"Tuvalu","CountryCode":"TUV","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"TUV"},{"CountryName":"United Arab Emirates","CountryCode":"UAE","CountryFillColor":"#F7941E","ISO3CD":"ARE"},{"CountryName":"United States of America","CountryCode":"USA","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"USA"},{"CountryName":"Vanuatu","CountryCode":"VAN","CountryFillColor":"#626162","ISO3CD":"VUT"},{"CountryName":"Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)","CountryCode":"VEN","CountryFillColor":"#009ED8","ISO3CD":"VEN"}], Copyright 2020 United Nations.


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